About Us

VEIT (UK) Limited was formed in 1999 from its parent company Veit GmbH, to represent the worldwide VEIT brand in the UK and to expand and diversify into new markets.

VEIT Group is the worldwide leading manufacturer of ironing equipment, fusing machines, under pressing and final pressing machines as well as refinishing equipment for garments.

VEIT GmbH was founded in 1956 by Reinhardt Veit and has recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. Still a family run business, the company is managed by Reinhardt’s son Gunter and grandson Christopher and now employs over 400 staff and has business activities in over 100 countries around the world.

Managing Director, Mike Matenczuk, has led Veit (UK) from its incorporation in 1999, and has successfully navigated an ever changing UK marketplace. Focussing initially on traditional manufacturing and finishing of garments, VEIT (UK) provided sales and support for the VEIT range of ironing, pressing and fusing equipment.

As the UK’s garment manufacturing sector has been in decline, the company shifted focus onto the refinishing and bagging of garments brought into the UK from manufacture abroad. This led to very successful partnerships with German bagging machine manufacturer Polypack GmbH and Swedish conveyor manufacturer Transportex International AB. The company quickly recognised an opportunity to offer fully automated turnkey solutions for UK garment finishing companies and distribution companies. This led to further development of existing VEIT (UK) engineers and recruitment of new engineering staff with more specialised areas of expertise in electrical, mechanical, steam, software and control systems.

The most popular approach our clients have adopted is for garments to arrive from the manufacturer or from online returns, loosely packed in boxes. From there, garments are put onto hangers and loaded onto the start of the VEIT (UK) automation system where they can be batched and stored ready to pass through one or more steam tunnels to remove all creases and optionally scent or treat with anti static solutions. Garments may be optionally tracked and routed using barcode or RFID technology to multiple bagging machines where they can be labelled if required and routed to final location storage areas. The entire process is generally monitored and controlled by a custom designed control panel with HMI to visually represent the process and to provide error reporting and garment counts etc. More recently, we have been using the control systems to monitor equipment service intervals to assist with maintenance and service scheduling. This approach has greatly reduced the number of employees required by our clients and increased throughputs on single systems to 1300 garments per hour.

Typically VEIT (UK) will be involved with the client at the conceptual or feasibility stage and will put forward multiple solutions to enable the client to select a cost effective approach to satisfy their current and future requirements. System expansion and modification is often a major consideration in todays fast paced, contract led environment and VEIT’s clients enjoy the insight and experience VEIT (UK) can bring with them.

Installations are only the beginning of the customer relationship at VEIT (UK). Operator training and industry leading on-site and telephone technical support are areas the company has excelled in recently, as more and more customers are choosing not to maintain their own in-house engineering function. A dedicated, fully trained team of VEIT (UK) engineers are constantly at customer locations around UK and overseas, to maintain, service and repair installations and equipment.

In addition to sales and installations of new equipment, VEIT (UK) have capitalised on a buoyant pre-owned marketplace. Many smaller garment finishing companies in the UK prefer to limit their exposure to a more aggressive contract led environment, by purchasing pre-owned equipment that has been refurbished by us. Predominantly, steam tunnels are in demand the most, as the basis for an automated finishing system. And at least one machine is usually under refurbishment at the workshop facility in Castleford, West Yorkshire ready for immediate sale. This can lead to savings beyond 50% compared to new machines. Other second user equipment usually in stock and refurbished, are bagging machines from our partners at Polypack GmbH and steam boilers and generators.

Further diversification led VEIT to expand their textile and fabric technology and expertise away from the garment industry and into other sectors such as automotive and furniture manufacture. In 2001, VEIT acquired the fusing technology division from Kannegeisser GmbH and began to manufacture fusing and laminating machines under the VEIT brand. This type of machine is used where multiple and diverse layers of fabric are required to be bonded together for use in leather car seating and furniture upholstery. This is currently a growth area for the business and recent positive announcements from the UK car industry will hopefully continue this trend.

VEIT (UK) with the support of VEIT group and its partners, will continue to stay ahead of current fabric technology and processes with a view to supporting its current and future clients. Emphasis on continual improvement of the product line, and employee training and development will ensure the business maintains and surpasses the already high standards associated with the brand, and expected from our loyal customer base.

VEIT (UK)’s client list is broadly divided into the following sectors :-

Garment Manufacturing – Burberry, ACS Clothing Ltd.

Garment Refinishing – Final Touch, Terry Milner Ltd., Eleganze Ltd.

Garment Logistics and Distribution – Clipper Logistics PLC, XPO, ICS Ltd.

High Street Stores – M&S, H&M, House of Fraser, Quiz, Next, New Look

Furniture Manufacturing – Senator

Automotive – Bentley, Aston Martin, Toyota

Commercial Laundry – AAA Linen Supplies Ltd.

Education/Academic – Hull College, Manchester Metropolitan University, Liverpool Community College, University of Westminster, Royal College of Art